About Us
The company "Studio DAEL" - Design, Architecture, Ecology, Landscape is founded in 1995 and is one of the first Bulgarian companies in the field of design Landscaping design - research, design, building and maintenance of open and covered green areas.
The company has built many fulfilled projects in the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria - offices, commercial centers, family yards, kinder gardens, adjacent areas to industrial enterprises of a new type of green areas and to public administration buildings and holiday villages and tourist sites.
In "Studio DAEL" work and have place people, which have speciality in their field of study and have heightened sensibility in sphere of arts.  Typicalness of everybody of us and native collectivity and a sense of responsibility are the key of unity for concrete resolution.
"Studio DAEL" never used another's ideas or photos of anothers objects from Internet or Press.
Everything that we show and will show is authors decision of firm "Studio DAEL"!

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